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Metalsub XRE510 Diving Torch - HXS4GFA9G

Metalsub XRE510 Diving Torch - HXS4GFA9G

Product Code: HXS4GFA9G
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  • The Metalsub handheld torches are as carefully designed and built and as strong as the cablelights and they are even easier to use.

  • This certainly applies to the Metalsub XRE510. With 500 lumens, 120 minute burn time and functions as dimming, warning signals and also another 6 hours fading light a real dive lamp. But due to its weight and size makes it ideal to take along on a trip, only 400 grams! Or how about as a back-up lamp, small but a versatile lamp for many years diving enjoyment.

  • Available in a 4 x AA Alkaline Battery version. • Material: Aluminium housing, impregnated with Teflon • EPDM Rubber • Size: 180 x Ø 39mm

  • Capacity at 100% Power: Ca. 120 min (+ ca. 6hrs remaining light) • Securities: Electronic Thermal 60°C • Securities: Overpressure Valve for any battery gas leakage • Maximum operating depth: 100 metres

  • • Variable light power: 0-25-50-100% • Depth Discharging Protection • Flash Signal: per sec. 1x short • SOS signal - 3x short, 3x long, 3x short

  • Metalsub XRE510 Diving Torch - HXS4GFA9G